How to fix MyFiosGateway Not Secure Issue (8 Proven Methods)

How to fix MyFiosGateway Not Secure error is finally solved now. After tremendous efforts by me, I have finally found the solution.

So continue this guide to find the solution.

Among all the leading gateway routers, MyFiosGateway is one name that has gained the trust of many. It is known for its authenticity, effectiveness, and user-friendly feature.

Although the gateway router has got various features, while surfing the internet, the users are still facing the MyFiosGateway not secure issue. Reasons for this issue could be multiple. However, in this guide, you’re going to witness all the proven methods to fix this issue. Let’s get started.

How to fix MyFiosGateway Not Secure

myfiosgateway not secure

  1. Load the page again

If you’re facing the issue, again and again, the very first thing you need to do is to reload your page. We are mentioning this method as most of the time, the issue is nothing but with the reissuing of the SSL certificate. Also, when the browser isn’t able to send the request to the server, an error such as “MyFiosGateway Not Secure” might show up. But refreshing the page will most likely solve the issue.

  1. Say no to public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi isn’t safe at all. They are very dangerous and you might get your information hacked using them as these Wi-Fi works with HTTP. All the information you use while using the public network can be misused and therefore, it is recommended to avoid those networks while making some confidential transactions. If you’re currently using a public network and facing the issue, disconnect yourself and connect with your MyFiosGateway Login private Wi-Fi and the problem will get solved. 

  1. Keep clearing the browsing data

If you are a regular user of the internet due to which your browsing history is too long, the chances of getting the issues are bright. By saying browsing data, we mean all the files including the cache, cookies, image, etc in it. If you clear them once, your problem will disappear. 

To clear the browsing data, follow these steps-

  • Go to your preferred web browser that you use daily and tap on the top right corner’s three dots. 
  • Go to history and click on the Clear Browsing data option visible. 
  • Now, manually tick the boxes to clear all the cookies and cache. 

Pro tip- If you wish to avoid this issue the next time, set the time range feature and select the all-time option so clearing it will get easier.

  1. Go for incognito mode

If you have some important link saved and, thus, you don’t wish to delete your browsing data too often, it is recommended to go for the incognito mode. You can find the option while using the Chrome browser. Since it will not save any of your information, including the search history, you’re not going to face the issue again. Follow the steps to use the incognito mode-

  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser. 
  • Go to the new incognito window.
  • You’re done. 
  1. Keep the time and date of your device correct

It is crucial to check on the time and date of your device. You may feel that it is not important but it is. MyFiosGateway not secure issue might even pop up on your screen because you haven’t updated the correct time and date on your PC. The primary reason behind this is the fact that your browsers will check the SSL certificate validity and for that, they will require your device’s time and date to be updated. 

To check and change the settings using Windows, follow the process-

  • Go to settings and type time and language. 
  • Tap on the date and time option.
  • Now enable the automatic time and time zone settings.
  • Save the settings, and you’re done.

For macOS users, follow the steps given below-

  • Go to the system preferences option.
  • Tap on the date and time.
  • Enable your set date and time automatically option.
  • It’s done.
  1. Proceed with the unsafe connections

Although we don’t recommend using this option before trying the other listed methods, manually proceeding with the error will eliminate it if it is not working for you. You need to tap on the ” proceed to the website option and continue. Please know that this could lead to some severe issues, so even if you’re trying this method to eliminate the issue, ensure that you’re proceeding with a website that you know is trusted. 

  1. Ignore the SSL certificate

Trying to ignore the SSL certificate may help you eliminate this issue. This will be a permanent solution to your Myfiosgateway not working issue. To do it on Windows, follow the given steps-

  • On your browser, right-click and navigate to properties.
  • The target field will open. Type ignore certificate error. 
  • Now enter and save the changes. 
  • If you see any prompts, tap on proceed.
  • Refresh the page and see that the issue is resolved.
  1. Turn off SSL scanning

Since few websites come with the new built-in web security technology which automatically blocks SSL connections, it gets easy to access those sites. However, if you’re facing an issue on the page, you may have to turn the SSL scanning option off from your browser. That will solve the issue quickly for you. 

Note- If you’re using any antivirus and firewall, do turn it off and again refresh the page where the issue was showing up. It will vanish.

So these were the proven methods to fix MyFiosGateway not secure issue. If you still face any issues, please let us know in the comment section. 

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