How to Fix Slow Internet Connection on MyFiosGateway Router

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection Speed on MyFiosGateway Router

Myfiosgateway is a sub router that makes the international connectivity experience of users better, but even after having a router and sub router, the user is facing difficulty in searching, surfing, or doing their work on the internet there is definitely some problem with the router. This problem can lead to slow internet connectivity.

About slow internet connectivity error on MyFiosGateway

slow internet connection on myfiosgateway


Having a slow internet connection speed is the same as having no internet connection because you would not be able to complete your work on time. Because the files will be shared at a low speed, your search will appear late, and your files will be downloaded at a very low speed. It completely hampers the activity or task you are doing using the internet. So, users always want a very fast internet connection that’s why they use subrouters like myfiosgateway router.

Ways to fix slow internet connection speed on Myfiosgateway

There are several ways and methods that the users can go for to fix the slow internet connection of their Myfiosgateway router and these are mentioned below:

  1. One of the most primary things to be done is to have a look at your downloads and make sure that it is not the reason for the slow internet speed because multiple and heavy downloads can make the connection slow. Also, while downloading you may be streaming some video, which could lead to low internet connectivity.
  2. But if this does not work for you, then you need to reset your router connectivity. For this, look at the back of your router, there will be a red power button, you need to press that button for a while as your router is the gateway to the speed of the internet.
  3. Now, you need to wait for a while so that your fios router restarts again. Now again connect your mobile device or computer to it and check the speed. In most cases, this method fixes the slow connectivity error.
  4. But even if this also does not work, then there is another way to fix this issue.
  5. Open the Myfiosgateway speed test on your personal computer. This is a website that can help you in checking the internet speed of your myfiosgateway router.
  6. After entering the basic details like the router address, plan is taken by you etc, it will display the speed of your internet connection. Note down the connection speed and then you can complain about it to the service provider.
  7. The service provider will send a customer care executive or a technical expert to look into the matter and resolve the issue.


With the increased use of the internet, the quality of internet connection is very important, so users prefer not only using modem and routers but also a sub-router that increases the speed in network traffic. Myfiosgateway is one such sub router that is used by people but many times it refuses to connect and you cannot access the internet. This may be because of several reasons that need to be fixed in a certain way.

The rechecking of your internet connection and using an ethernet cable can resolve the issue. With this, you would be able to re-establish your connectivity.

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