MyFiosGateway FAQs


What is MyFiosGateway?

Myfiosgateway is a very high-powered gateway router developed by Verizon Fios. This router enables its users to easily distribute various data such as digital entertainment data, digital media, and a lot more to multiple devices at your home or workplace. Moreover, Myfiosgateway is also considered to be the fastest and trusted internet service in this era.

How to Login into MyFiosGateway?

You can easily login into your Myfiosgateway account by using three different techniques. These techniques are –

  • Login through the official Website
  • Login through My Fios Application
  • Login through Router

How to access the Administrator website of the MyFiosGateway?

In order to access the Administrator website, you will have to go to your internet browser. Now, type  or 192.168.1. in the address bar. You will be directed to a page where you will have to enter the default Administrator User ID and password. The default Administrator User ID will be admin. You will find the default Administrator password is written on a sticker that is located on the side of your router.

How do I restart the MyFiosGateway?

If you are willing to restart the Myfiosgateway router, then you will need to press and hold the WPS button located on the front simultaneously for 10 seconds.

MyFiosGateway not working – how to solve it?

A lot of users have faced the issue of the myfiosgateway link not working on their network. There are a variety of reasons that might not allow you to access the Myfiosgateway URL. If any such situations occur, then you can try the methods provided below to solve this issue.

  • Switch off your router and then remove the power cable from the router. Now, you need to wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network and then connect it again after waiting for a few seconds.
  • Try using a different internet browser or use Incognito Mode. To use the Incognito mode you will have to press CTRL + Shift + N on your keyboard.
  • You must clear all the browser cookies and data for chrome and firefox.

How to register for MyFiosGateway?

Follow the step-by-step guide provided below to easily register for Myfiosgateway Quantum Router.

  1. Visit the internet browser that you have on your device, then go to the search bar and type the URL
  2. A registration page will show up on your device screen. Here, you will have to verify your identity by selecting the Identification Method and entering the Zip Code.
  3. Once you are done, press on the Continue option which you will find located below the Zip Code box.
  4. Now get on to the next page. There you will be asked to enter some of your personal information such as email ID, Phone number, and Location.
  5. Now, make a click on the Submit button and you will be successfully registered for Myfiosgateway.

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